Repair Service

Epson Workforce DS-510 / DS-560 repair service

Don’t want to take apart your Epson Workforce DS-510 or DS-560?  I have repaired hundreds of these scanners using my replacement shafts.  The broken shafts will be replaced and the scanner fully tested before I send it back to you.  Service costs $45 plus shipping. Turnaround time is 1 – 2 days.  Quantity discounts are available!

NOTICE: Before submitting a repair request, please perform the following tests:
  1.  Set the sheet feed switch to the multiple sheet position (down) and pop open the front cover.  Make sure that the separation roller (the one in the front cover) DOES spin freely.  This roller will only spin towards the scanner as there’s a metal tab that doesn’t let it spin the other direction (away from the scanner body).  If it does spin freely and/or makes a clicking noise, then one of the shafts is broken and I can fix it.
  2. With the cover still open, check that the main roller, which is the second one from the top, only spins downIt should not spin up.  The end of this roller sometimes cracks and causes a page feed issue along with a clicking noise.  This roller can also be popped out and the plastic end inspected for damage.  I have attached a picture of what the damaged roller looks like.  If this part is bad, then you’ll need a new roller assembly which costs between $30 – 50 and is user replaceable.  This is one of the rollers that should be replaced every 100,000 pages, however, they can and do fail way before that magical number.  Here is a picture of what a damaged roller looks like:

If your roller looks like the one shown above, you will need a replacement roller kit which includes all 3 main rollers and can be purchased from Amazon.  I do not stock roller assembly kits and the cost of repair does not include these parts.

How it works

  1. After performing the steps outlined above, please submit a repair request using the form below or e-mail me at:
  2. Package and ship the scanner via the carrier of your choosing.  Do not include the power adapter or USB cable.
  3. Within 1 – 2 days of receipt, I will replace the broken parts and thoroughly test the scanner
  4. Upon completion of repair, a PayPal invoice for $45 plus return shipping costs will be e-mailed to you.  Shipping runs anywhere between $15 – $30.  Scanners will be returned via ground service (USPS, FedEx, or UPS).  Expedited shipping is also available upon request.  Scanner will be shipped once the invoice has been paid.

Repair request submission form:

    Have you performed the diagnostic steps outlined above to ensure that your main roller is not broken? (required)