The Epson DS-510/560 series of document scanners suffer from a serious design flaw which eventually causes a paper jam and a clicking noise.  The problem is centered around the roller in the front cover.  This roller pushes the sheets up as the main roller feeds the rest of the sheets through the scanner.  Attaching the separation roller to the rest of the mechanism inside the cover are two plastic shafts.  Over time, the ends of the shafts open up, causing the scanner to pull in multiple sheets.  This results in a paper jam along with a audible clicking noise.  Epson does NOT sell replacement shafts.

Some scanners may exhibit this issue after having scanned only a few hundred pages, while others make it well past the 50,000 page mark without any issues.

Apart from the issue outlined above, the main roller may also require replacement.  Diagnostic information and links to purchase the roller kit can be found clicking here.

Your options

If you are currently experiencing this issue, several options are available to you:

  • Continue using the scanner in single sheet feed mode
  • Replace the scanner – even though yours may have years of service left in it
  • Fix it for free using a paperclip, wire, or anything else that will hold the ends of the shafts together.  There’s a guide on how to do this HERE.  While this fix isn’t meant to be permanent, it could get you by for some time.
  • Send it in for repair.  Repair info is available here
  • Fix it using the replacement shafts I have designed

You can purchase the shafts directly from my store using this link:

They are also available via Amazon or eBay: